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The morality of masturbation, as it relates to your religious, cultural, or spiritual beliefs, is something you will have to decide for yourself. Many people seek the help of family, friends, books, life experience, andor clergy or other religious leaders. You mention feeling too embarrassed to talk to your priest about it. This webpage is devoted to a discussion of the morality of masturbation, not about how to break the habit. Nevertheless, it would be irresponsible of me to leave you floundering. Elsewhere, i have written extensively about how to find victory over the lusts that wage war on our souls. The limits of logic it is hard to resist the powerfullypersuasive logic that says god gave us sex for marital union and that, likeprostitution or bestiality, solitary sex must therefore be a perversion ofgods gift. Masturbation fulfills neither purpose, and is therefore considered a sin in relation to the sexual act in the context of marriage. Masturbation does not have the capacity to strengthen a marriage or bring about a family. Some may argue that masturbation is not morally discordant because it involves no one and therefore hurts no one. Myth 1 avoiding masturbation is just counsel, not a commandment. While it is true that there is not a specific condemnation of masturbation in scripture, our knowledge of gods commandments are not limited to that one source. In the october 1980 general conference report is a speech by president spencer w kimball on morality. Masturbation a demonic practice and one of the biggest and most common sins the church rarely addresses or condemns. Williams in miscellaneous deceptions and lies from satan, sexual immorality exposed 66 comments.   to that end, lets think through how masturbation can fit within a relationship and how to keep it a neutral or positive. For the sake of simplicity and to avoid over-complicating an already. Masturbation - health - morality to say that masturbation is always sinful - as the catholic church does - is absolute nonsense. For masturbation to be a sin a believer would have to say to god god i have been looking for a way to offend you and i am now going to masturbate just to insult you. So, while im not only christian (though most of my beliefs are based of christian values) i was interested to know what the churches believe in masturbation due to outstanding circumstances. I get severe migraines which are triggered, to put it simply, when i dont masturbate. Modern moral theologians tell us that masturbation is a normal part of ones psychosexual development. Most people go through phases of masturbation, during adolescence, for example, individuals separated from their spouses in war time, the elderly, and others in unique situations of life.

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