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The monks promise made masturbation an illicit act the act itself was not considered sinful. Keenan adds in fact, as cappelli, louis crompton, and james brundage each observe, prior to cassian, masturbation was not considered a sexual offence for anyone. Duplicate isbn to the flesh in the text live archive, thomas baldwin - issues2retire( 2327 ) classepissues2retiremanagea a href onclickreturn.   helo, patimokkha says make orgasm is not allowed to a monk but it is not in the main rules. ) this rule about masturbation is a lower rule than the killing rule or sex rule. Not every monks and nuns are perfect, i think we all know it. I know a story about a thailand monk who was raped a many times when he was novice, and i also heard. It isnt a prjika, but it is the first of the saghdisesa the second worst class of offense. Saghdisesa means involving the community in the initial (di) and subsequent (sesa) acts. Masturbation (sukkavissaññhi) is the act of stimulating ones own sexual organs (sambàdha) to the stage of orgasm (adhikavega). In the kàma stra male masturbation is called seizing the lion (simhàkàranta). Some people during the buddhas time believed that masturbation could have a therapeutic effect on the mind and the body (vin.). Tibetan monks have worked out a system of mutual masturbation, that heinrich harrer first reported on, but since then, others have as well, including a former gelug monk in the first edition of the book of tibetan elders.   it was something we all hated to experience as monks, feeling that we failed in some way, but the body has to do what it has to do and unlike masturbation, where semen is expelled through forced stimulation, when a monk has an accidental wet dream, they do not lose the force (prana) but just some excess liquid, sort of like a pressure cooker letting off steam. In the case of monasticism, abstaining completely from sex is seen as a necessity in order to reach enlightenment. It is a legitimate question but it borders on being disrespectful as it touches on someone elses private life. The priest reassured us anyway that there was no harm in asking any questi. I meditate occasionally to sense my soul and increase my inner energy. Improve it, control it, project it to gain some telekinesis and psychokinesis skills as well as master lucid dreaming and astral projection. However, i usually come to a day that i have strong sexual energy which i can not rid of it except by sex, or masturbating.

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