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Traditional rabbinic sources strictly prohibit male masturbation, and even activities which can lead to sexual arousal and thus ejaculation. The mishnah states that if a man touches his penis with his hand (in order to check for ritually impure emission), his hand ought to be cut off. They note that there is a moral difference between masturbation done in the presence of pornography or the phone sex service (inherently selfish and exploitative mediums), and masturbation as the sexual expression of a fuller yearning for connectedness, i. Is masturbation permitted assalamu alaikum dear brother im a religious muslim who moved to canada recently im single 25 i find it hard to resist my instinct and cannot get married soon! What if i manage to release my tensions without commiting zina i mean whats so called mubashara otherwise i wont be able to concentrate in my study and work and probably my health would degrade please let me. Is masturbation permitted by the orthodox church? By guest258 earlier 0 likes like unlike tags report. The orthodox christian church is against masturbation because the act itself. The view among the hanafis and hanbalis is that masturbation is permissible when the person fears falling into zina (fornication), which is a major sin clearly mentioned in the quran, and a lesser evil may be used to ward off a greater evil. Is masturbation permitted or prohibited in islam question i have a question regarding masturbation. I am aware that masturbation is haram in islam, but recent studies have shown it to be not only a fun activity but also a healthy one as it helps men and women not only to keep their sex drive up, but it also helps decrease the probability of prostate cancer.

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