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Jing can be lost in many ways, but most notably through the loss of body fluids. Taoists may use practices to stimulateincrease and conserve their bodily fluids to great extents. Your jing in a sense is your bodys reserve which is dipped into only when the qi and blood supply is low. In addition to these things, you can keep yourself in tip top shape and health through the practice of qi gong and also taking chinese herbs if applicable to any energetic imbalances you might have. He says jing, or sexual energy, is the most powerful energy we have. If we want to conserve or restore lost principal energy, sexual energy provides the means to create that extra power if we conserve, recycle, and transform it back into principal energy. The way to conserve prenatal jing is by striving for balance in all life activities. Balance meaning moderation in diet, workrest, sexual activity. Certain exercises help conserve prenatal jing, such as breathing exercises, taiji (tai chi), and qi gong. Jings most concentrated form is believed to be in semen, therefore releasing semen outside of the body, through ejaculation, is a directly a loss of jing. In sexual intercourse with a woman, this powerful energy is used to create a new life- however when reproduction is curtailed (birth control, pulling out, or masturbation), that energy is simply wasted. It was encouraged in traditional chinese thought to have sex without ejaculation to preserve jing. For men with poor jing and kidney energy, it was recommended to limit sexual activity, including masturbation, and to having sex with their partner at their fertile time. For women, sexual fluids do not affect jing as much as it does kidney yin. Jing is one of the three treasures and according to taoist and traditional chinese health principles, jing must be protected and conserved. Sexual transmutation is the alchemical practice of channeling and directing your sexual energy into a higher purpose. As one of the most powerful energies in existence, our sexual energy can be directed towards achieving goals, manifesting dreams, and experiencing deeper states of consciousness.   hello, very interesting article and discussion,, i would like to ask a question, im a qi gong practitioner since 5 years, practiced ba duan jin, yi jing jin, belly breathing and other qi gong from a qualified master, and often found myself lot of sexual energy which i guess is normal as you increase your energy,,, my question is about masturbation without ejaculation,, how can you do it. One of the most abundant and widespread carnivores that is very versatile and adaptable and has successfully colonized urban areas.

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