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  for comparison, research shows that a 175-pound person can burn up to 200 calories during a 40-minute sex session. Women burn 69 calories on averageabout three calories per minuteduring penetrative sex (for men its 101 calories), according to a study published in plos one.   comparing it to a workout of moderate intensity for 30 minutes, it came out to be 276 kcal in men and 213 kcal in women. 04 9 intercourse or masturbation? Now imagine if intercourse burns around 101 calories, calories burnt during masturbation will naturally be lot lesser, since it does not involve massive full body movements.   sing for about 45 minutes about how much you love masturbating and youll burn the same amount if you do masturbate, about 70. Cry for an hour and burn 130 calories or fill your void for two go-arounds and burn the same amount and cry no more.   according to zalo, if a woman masturbated three times a week for 10 minutes considered an average time, they could burn 90 calories.   the same way mothers burn calories breastfeeding children, men lose calories simply from the demand to reproduce the fluids lost. The calories you burn or loose during masturbation are not only from muscle contractions, increased heart beat, high adrenaline surge, but also for the loss of the sperm and the need for the testicle to produce new ones. The entire process requires the calories mentioned in the comments. Published in the journal plos one, it found that the average male burns around 4 calories a minute, and the average female burns around 3. On the flip side, maybe you need to think about why youve considered masturbation to be an effective weight loss initiative and maybe look for an alternative (30 minutes of proper cardio exercise is going to trump those 63 calories). If your problem is that exercise is a chore, then spend some time finding something that you enjoy.   how many calories you burn daily depends on your sex, age, and activity level. We look at how many calories are needed to maintain weight or to lose weight.

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